Season of Change: Then and Now

  Eight months ago, I left practice as a critical care surgeon in favor of homeschooling my kids. As part of the "day in the life" linkup on Simple Homeschool, I'm sharing a glimpse into life before I left practice, and how the days appear now. Myriad factors influenced my decision to leave clinical work, … Continue reading Season of Change: Then and Now

Chasing Sparks

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -- William Butler Yeats On our worst homeschool days, hairstyling attempts with glue, fights over blocks, and a busted toilet sabotage all semblance of curriculum. Evening finds me slumped forward at the kitchen table, holding my head in my hands and … Continue reading Chasing Sparks

A Master Teacher

When a ragged edge of the Atlantic careened over the prow and swallowed my knees, my first thought was, Is it ok that the side of the boat is parallel to the water? "Jibe! JIBE!" Ferg shouted. ┬áHe shoved Scottie from the helm and seized the tiller. There was a curse word, the sea retreated … Continue reading A Master Teacher