The Quiet Plague of Painkillers

My next article now appears on desiring God. This was a challenging topic for me to tackle; I hope it speaks to others. The Quiet Plague of Painkillers: The Opioid Epidemic in America  

No Regrets

A number of young women have reached out to me to inquire about a career in medicine as it may coincide or conflict with responsibilities at home. While I’m delighted to mentor on an individual basis, I also feel compelled to address the topic publicly. My intent in writing From Medical Doctor to Stay-at-Home Mom…

Chasing Sparks

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” — William Butler Yeats On our worst homeschool days, hairstyling attempts with glue, fights over blocks, and a busted toilet sabotage all semblance of curriculum. Evening finds me slumped forward at the kitchen table, holding my head in my hands and…

Christian, Your Pain Is Never Punishment

New article on desiring God: Christian, Your Pain Is Never Punishment “… we must never presume to know God’s intent for someone in anguish. God has an infinite capacity to effect goodness in the midst of our inequity.”

Oceans Rise

Green-gray swells billow, unmoor me from shifting earth. Lapis and slate crash, spill, scour the sky until horizon fades into vapor, vanishes. My lungs boil with brine. I claw the deepening dark only to grasp ice and salt, wisps of ghost trails through my fingers. Sin-clad, I sink, plummet toward that gulf with no memory, that fatherless tomb. Yet gleaming metal slices…

Sea Dragons and Dirt

I’ve discovered my daughter prefers dirt to sea dragons. With my boys away visiting family, I thought my toddler daughter B and I should spend some quality girl time together. She nearly topples over with excitement when she spots fish tanks at Petco, so the aquarium seemed a perfect destination. For several mornings in advance of…

Why Write?

I hope to capture the blessings of everyday. To touch them, breathe them in, marvel before they tumble away in a brittle tangle, careening headlong into the past.