The Gritty Reality of the Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Caroline Fraser’s Pulitzer-winning biography, Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder, offers a thorough, thoughtful, and timely examination of Wilder’s life, and how her novels represent a blend of fact and fiction. Debates about medals aside, I would argue that a more complete understanding of Wilder’s life and times enhances, rather than detracts…

Our Daily Bread

I’m trying to establish a new norm in our household.  I’m trying to make discipleship integral to life, to let God’s word work through our moments like yeast through dough. I’ve written before about our hopes for missions and adoption, which the needs of our family have made wholly unrealistic this season. But God still…

Our Treasure

The experience of joining 8,000 other women in worship is hard to describe. As we faced jumbotron screens and lifted our arms in praise, the drumbeat buzzing in our chests, many of my fellow sisters glowed with exuberance. I should have shared in their joy. But with shaking hands, in those first minutes I scrawled…

Pilgrim Radio Interview

I had the privilege to discuss advance directives and end-of-life care with Bill Feltner at Pilgrim Radio. The interview will air this Thursday, June 28th, at 2:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 9:30 PM Pacific Time:

Love Other Mothers As Thyself

When we disparage fellow mothers in their parenting choices, we note only fail in our mandate to love one another, but also discount God’s sovereign work in parenting. From desiring God:  Love Other Mothers As Thyself

Lest We Forget

Our Memorial Day parade footsteps tread where those we should remember also stepped. . . but on this day, how many remembrances fade in the noise of barbecues and discounts? But God remembers. Lest We Forget: Reflections Heavenward on Memorial Day

The Only Freedom from Remorse

My next Desiring God wrestles with guilt that runs deep, and the freedom that God pours out upon us through Jesus. The Only Freedom from Remorse

Prayers on Mother’s Day

I’m reposting this desiring God article from last year, as we contemplate this business of mothering: He Loves You Even More Than I Do Thank you Lord for our children, and blessings to moms everywhere.  

Counting It All Joy

I reeled from my pitiful attempt at gravy curdling on the stove, and wagged a burned finger. Homemaking, I thought again as I backpedaled from the mess, comes as naturally to me as kung fu to a fish. “Here Mum!” I turned to see Pip standing in the kitchen, his pants dusted with a kaleidoscope…