The Dream Keeper Saga: Coming in 2022!

I love reading my kids stories that point to Christ. I don’t mean overtly-moralistic picture books, or cartoon versions of the Bible (although they can have a role at the family table, too). I mean rich, beautiful, epic stories that carry us through arcs of redemption and hope. I mean Frodo bearing the ring for…

New Book in the Works!

Friends, thank you so much for continuing to support this unexpected ministry into which God has drawn me. Thanks to your encouragement, I recently signed an agreement with Crossway for a second book. Much more devotional than Between Life and Death, this project explores how remembering who God is and what He has done can…

Podcast on Crossway

Today Crossway posted a podcast interview I had with Matt Tully about end-of-life care. You can access the podcast and transcript here, or use the direct links: iTunes Google Play Spotify Stitcher

Doctoring for the Gospel

I was privileged to interview two amazing physicians with experience in medical missions for an article for the International Missions Board. Their story is an inspiring account of God at work in unexpected circumstances. You can read the piece here: Doctoring for the Gospel: Two Medical Missionaries’ Journey of Faith

Book Update and Recent Articles

As I know many have inquired about it’s release — my book Between Life and Death: A Gospel-Centered Guide to End-of-Life Medical Care will be released on April 30th, and is now available for preorder on Amazon! Tony Reinke from desiring God offered a very gracious compliment about the book today. Also, over the past…

The Turpin Case and the Urgent Call to Neighbor

I seldom write about current events, but I felt compelled to put thoughts to words about this. In our culture, we can all easily drift into complacency — I include myself among the culpable. This horrific case, I think, serves as a warning. The Turpin Case and the Urgent Call to Neighbor , The Gospel…

Out of the Depths I Cry to You

My next article on Desiring God discusses how the Psalms offer hope when we need it most, yet are least able to grasp it: while struggling in the shadows of depression. Out of the Depths I Cry to You

Book Review: Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia

I was honored to write a review for Dr John Dunlop’s new book on grappling with dementia while following Christ. The book is both informative and sensitive, and I’d highly recommend it. The review appears at The Gospel Coalition: Dignity in Dementia