Podcast on Crossway

Today Crossway posted a podcast interview I had with Matt Tully about end-of-life care. You can access the podcast and transcript here, or use the direct links: iTunes Google Play Spotify Stitcher

A New Idea (via Video!): Submit Your Questions!

I’ve had so many great dialogues lately on the topic of end-of-life care, that I’m trying something new. Send me your questions, and once monthly I’ll try to address the most frequent themes in a video. Sometimes a conversation conveys more than a blog post. Please forgive the frizzy hair. Please also forgive any motion…

Book Review: The Waiting Room by Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

  Waiting rooms are strange spaces. Elevator music lofts throughout the room. A stack of outdated lifestyle magazines awaits perusal on a table. People busy themselves with a book, an app, or a television set to avoid conversation with others. The placidity of these spaces hides the thoughts of those sitting in them. While we…

Podcast: Bible-Based Guide to End-of-Life Care

I had a great conversation about the subject matter of Between Life and Death with Debbie Chavez on BOB radio today, and she was kind enough to record it as a podcast for others to listen! Here is the link: Bible-Based Guide to End-of-Life Care, Debbie Chavez

Heavy (and not-so-heavy) Topics

My writing for the Gospel Coalition has delved into some somber territory lately — but hopefully in ways that will help. The following two articles were published recently: Postpartum Depression and the Christian In the Debate Over Physician-Assisted Suicide, Words Matter On a more lighthearted front, I recently gave an interview for How Do I…

Doctoring for the Gospel

I was privileged to interview two amazing physicians with experience in medical missions for an article for the International Missions Board. Their story is an inspiring account of God at work in unexpected circumstances. You can read the piece here: Doctoring for the Gospel: Two Medical Missionaries’ Journey of Faith