Clinging to the True Story

I was privileged to have this piece published at The Rabbit Room recently, and thought it might also appear to readers on this blog — especially for those who are Tolkien fans. The original can be viewed here. Her head slouched to one side on the pillow, and her breath rattled through a slackened jaw….

Coronavirus Is a Horror. But, God.

This past week, I returned to my hospital temporarily to help in the ICU as coronavirus cases surge.  As the pandemic has tightened its jaws around the world, my colleagues have labored for long, exhausting hours, stuffing down fears, focusing on the work of caring while prominent personalities have bickered and slung vitriol. Compared with…

Discerning God’s Call in a Lean-In or Opt-Out World

I apologize for my long silence! My teaching load at church is particularly heavy this season. I’ve needed to devote the rare moments when I’m not covered in peanut butter or embarking on adventures through Middle Earth to study and prep! Earlier this month, I was privileged to join the student chapter of the CMDA…

Podcast on Crossway

Today Crossway posted a podcast interview I had with Matt Tully about end-of-life care. You can access the podcast and transcript here, or use the direct links: iTunes Google Play Spotify Stitcher

Book Review: The Waiting Room by Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

  Waiting rooms are strange spaces. Elevator music lofts throughout the room. A stack of outdated lifestyle magazines awaits perusal on a table. People busy themselves with a book, an app, or a television set to avoid conversation with others. The placidity of these spaces hides the thoughts of those sitting in them. While we…

Podcast: Bible-Based Guide to End-of-Life Care

I had a great conversation about the subject matter of Between Life and Death with Debbie Chavez on BOB radio today, and she was kind enough to record it as a podcast for others to listen! Here is the link: Bible-Based Guide to End-of-Life Care, Debbie Chavez