He Loves You Even More Than I Do

My next desiring God article is up. This one I wrote out of compulsion. He Loves You Even More Than I Do: Letter to My Children Excerpt: "He knows your every whim and fingerprint, and reigns over every cloud above you, every wave into which you venture (Matthew 10:30; Psalm 139:1–12). As you stumble through … Continue reading He Loves You Even More Than I Do

No Regrets

A number of young women have reached out to me to inquire about a career in medicine as it may coincide or conflict with responsibilities at home. While I'm delighted to mentor on an individual basis, I also feel compelled to address the topic publicly. My intent in writing From Medical Doctor to Stay-at-Home Mom … Continue reading No Regrets

Season of Change: Then and Now

  Eight months ago, I left practice as a critical care surgeon in favor of homeschooling my kids. As part of the "day in the life" linkup on Simple Homeschool, I'm sharing a glimpse into life before I left practice, and how the days appear now. Myriad factors influenced my decision to leave clinical work, … Continue reading Season of Change: Then and Now

Chasing Sparks

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -- William Butler Yeats On our worst homeschool days, hairstyling attempts with glue, fights over blocks, and a busted toilet sabotage all semblance of curriculum. Evening finds me slumped forward at the kitchen table, holding my head in my hands and … Continue reading Chasing Sparks

Oceans Rise

Green-gray swells billow, unmoor me from shifting earth. Lapis and slate crash, spill, scour the sky until horizon fades into vapor, vanishes. My lungs boil with brine. I claw the deepening dark only to grasp ice and salt, wisps of ghost trails through my fingers. Sin-clad, I sink, plummet toward that gulf with no memory, that fatherless tomb. Yet gleaming metal slices … Continue reading Oceans Rise

Sea Dragons and Dirt

I've discovered my daughter prefers dirt to sea dragons. With my boys away visiting family, I thought my toddler daughter B and I should spend some quality girl time together. She nearly topples over with excitement when she spots fish tanks at Petco, so the aquarium seemed a perfect destination. For several mornings in advance of … Continue reading Sea Dragons and Dirt