Out of the Depths I Cry to You

My next article on Desiring God discusses how the Psalms offer hope when we need it most, yet are least able to grasp it: while struggling in the shadows of depression.

Out of the Depths I Cry to You

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  1. kondwani says:

    That is both helpfully honest and powerfully pragmatic. I have not often heard people describe it quite as you did – the way the colour just drains out of everything; I’ve experienced that, and yet I always thought it was meant to happen more insidiously. I love the way you are not swept away by your feelings, but stand by the facts, as recorded in the Bible, through faith. That’s inspiring. May God bless you and bring you through this time of trial.


    1. Katie Butler says:

      I’m not sure how others experience it, but for me, it’s like the flipping of a switch. It’s a finite moment, when suddenly my capacity for joy ebbs away, and often without any obvious provocation. That randomness, I think, worsens the sense of helplessness. The determination to cling to the Bible is a conscious one, a struggle, and one that feels completely at odds with the tumult washing over me at the time. I have to focus to do it, it doesn’t come naturally. But I know the Word is my one true and reliable anchor.


  2. MullinPonder says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Mullin Ponder are more than thankful to Katie at Oceans Rise for this beautifully written post.


    1. Katie Butler says:

      Thank you


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