The Only Freedom from Remorse

My next Desiring God wrestles with guilt that runs deep, and the freedom that God pours out upon us through Jesus. The Only Freedom from Remorse

Prayers on Mother’s Day

I’m reposting this desiring God article from last year, as we contemplate this business of mothering: He Loves You Even More Than I Do Thank you Lord for our children, and blessings to moms everywhere.  

Counting It All Joy

I reeled from my pitiful attempt at gravy curdling on the stove, and wagged a burned finger. Homemaking, I thought again as I backpedaled from the mess, comes as naturally to me as kung fu to a fish. “Here Mum!” I turned to see Pip standing in the kitchen, his pants dusted with a kaleidoscope…

In Search of Home

We all long for home. As time passes walls crack, bricks crumble, floors collect dust. Places forget us. In our hearts, we remain wanderers, searching. Christ knows that place. Christ calls us home. In Search of Home , Desiring God

Book List: Faith and Suffering

My inability to comprehend God’s benevolence in the face of suffering drove me to agnosticism and suicidality. The realization that Christ also suffered and died for us, brought me back. This is a hard topic, and one too complicated for pat answers. The following books, however, offer thoughtful explorations, without dismissing the complexity of the…

Sunlight Through Cloudbreak: Homeschooling Day-in-the-Life, Year 2

A year ago when I first wrote about our homeschool days for the day-in-the-life linkup at Jamie Martin’s Simple Homeschool, we were less than a year into the journey. With trepidation, we inched forward to test the ground beneath us, ready to abandon efforts should the foundations crack and give way. I struggled with the…

Book List: End-of-Life Care

I’ve found that I often receive requests for resources on the various topics about which I write (medicine, end-of-life care, homeschooling, etc). To address needs more systematically, twice a month I’m going to post topical book lists. Some will be on Christian themes; others on medical ones; still others resources for homeschooling. This first book…

Parenthood Is a Refining Fire

I sat with my back against the door to keep him from bolting, and to wait out the tempest. He screamed inches from my face, his breath hot, the curves of the cheeks that I adored contorting as he howled. My joints ached as he writhed and flailed like a cornered animal in my embrace….

The Turpin Case and the Urgent Call to Neighbor

I seldom write about current events, but I felt compelled to put thoughts to words about this. In our culture, we can all easily drift into complacency — I include myself among the culpable. This horrific case, I think, serves as a warning. The Turpin Case and the Urgent Call to Neighbor , The Gospel…

If God Doesn’t Heal You

My next article on Desiring God explores how single-minded prayers for healing can mislead us and shake our faith — unnecessarily — when illness strikes. If God Doesn’t Heal You

A New Year, a Constant Joy

A bracing Arctic cold has locked us in ice. We flee indoors for warmth, but as clutter and dust accumulate, so does restlessness. As the minutes pile up, my mind turns inward. The world narrows. I am eager to bid December 2017 goodbye. Apropos with the barren tree limbs clawing the frozen sky, this year…

On Losing a Loved One to Dementia

I was honored to write a review for Douglas Groothuis’ poignant, honest, and achingly beautiful book, Walking Through Twilight: A Wife’s Illness — A Philosopher’s Lament.  There is no sentimentality in this memoir of a descent into dementia. There is, however, a steadfast hope in Christ. Find the review on The Gospel Coalition: On Losing…